Our Mission

We’ve been shopping online for over 16 years believe it or not. It all started on Ebay. Back then, they had the ultimate best deals. Throughout the years, online shopping evolved. We’ve always been known to find the best deals on a product and saving money, which is the ultimate goal. We’ve always said that even though we might not make a lot of money, we could still live as if we make more simply by being smart and saving money when you purchase products. The internet has really helped with that and at one point in the last 7-10 year, Amazon just took off and became the best place to shop and find deals.

So we started a Facebook group and eventually created a website followed by a few other social groups on different platforms. The reaction we got at first wasn’t that great but we believed this could really be great and help people out while at it so we just kept on moving forward and slowly things were starting to look up. It took us a lot of time to get all our ideas out there with many modifications along the way until we eventually decided to go back to what was working beforehand and that was just simply finding and sharing the best sales with you all. Now, fast forward 5 years later and we’re still here! We still have a long way to go and we will continue to evolve. We do all of this for you! This is our main goal. We wish everybody happy shopping and merry deals. Thanks for reading. Come again.