Bonjour, my name is Marc and I am a proud French Canadian from a small village on the outskirts of Sudbury, Ontario named Azilda. Formerly part of the Rayside-Balfour municipally with its sister Town of Chelmsford before the algamation to the greater city of Sudbury.
I left home before my 18th birthday with one goal in mind, my future, and that took me to a private college called RCC Institute of Technology. After completing my first year in an accelerated program I graduated as a Technician in Electronics Engineering. I decided I wanted to pursue my education in Computer Engineering which I had read to be the hardest program of its kind of any college.
I’m going to backup a bit, back in highschool I had the opportunity to take the Cisco CCNA course on French. Afterwards I had said I would never work in that field for a living. With that being said, I ended up graduating my 3rd year specializing in networking and security. It’s funny how things turned out.
After college, I returned to my home town and started working at the Canada Revenue Agency and it took quite some time to find work in my field. 8 years later and here I am with a load of experience and knowledge from working in multiple industries including the biggest nuclear power plant in the world and in the mining sector in one of the richest open pit gold mines in Canada. I then worked for a small company and helped manage dozens upon dozens of companies networks, servers, backups, hardware, software etc… Following this I worked for the City of Greater Sudbury on a 1 year contract which has now ended and brought me to Collège Boréal where I am now working in a French environment and I love it!
On top of my working background, I once was a property investor and part-time carpenter, painter, plumber, electrician, and everything that comes with being a landlord. I also do personal, rental income and small business income tax returns with 4 years doing it publically and 10 years of experience.
And just recently I entered a new chapter in my life, fatherhood. This has been the most rewarding chapter yet. I can now understand the love one has for their child. Now, everything that I do is for my little bundle of joy!